What’s With the Makeup-Free Trend?

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Beauty trends come and go, but there is one interesting trend that has been sticking around for the past couple of years.

If you have been wondering why the makeup-free trend is so popular, as well as how you can pull it off, here are all the answers.

What Started the Makeup-Free Trend?

Just like with many of the other trends out there, the makeup-free trend was started by a number of celebrities who began posting makeup-free selfies on their social media networks.

From Cameron Diaz to Cindy Crawford to Salma Hayek, many of the biggest female stars out there were embracing this trend and really encouraging it.

What pushed this trend to even further heights was the fact that magazines started to feature makeup-free celebrities on their front covers, such as Glamour Magazine with a bare-faced Mila Kunis

With all of these images of makeup-free celebrities everywhere, it is no surprise that this trend quickly became mainstream, with many people seeking out ways in which they could create a fresh and flawless makeup-free look.

You are probably thinking…

Why does a makeup-free look need to be created? Surely all that is required is to not wear any makeup?

Well, it’s a little more complicated than that…

It Starts With Healthy-Looking Skin

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Many people feel naked without their foundation and concealer, and the only way to overcome this is to have confidence in your skin.

Of course, having a clear and radiant appearance will help so much with this.

Wondering how to give your skin that radiant glow?

Unfortunately, there is no quick fix. What it requires is regular, consistent care.

To begin with, you need to develop a skin care routine that you can follow each day.

There are numerous different steps, techniques, and products that you can incorporate into your skin care routine, but if you would prefer something basic, but still effective, here is what you need to do:

  • Cleanse – this should be done every evening, in order to wash away the grime that has built up on your skin over the course of the day. Make sure that you choose a cleanser that is safe to be used on all skin types, such as the Vivo Per Lei Collagen Foaming Cleanser
  • Exfoliate – this only needs to be done a couple of times a week, but is key when it comes to healthy-looking skin
  • Dab on an eye cream – an eye cream can really help to brighten up the appearance of the skin around the eyes, while reducing the look of any puffiness and dark circles
  • Apply a serum – a serum is not essential, but these lightweight formulas easily penetrate into the skin, allowing their highly concentrated active ingredients to work their magic. Pick a serum that targets your specific skin concerns, whether this may be the appearance of wrinkles, dryness or anything else
  • Apply a moisturizer – a moisturizer not only adds moisture into the skin, but also forms a protective layer over its surface, preventing bacteria from entering and water from evaporating. Moisturized skin is essential for a healthy complexion, and a quality moisturizer will really help to boost how firm and smooth your skin feels. The Vivo Per Lei Cell Renewal Night Cream is a great choice!
  • Apply some SPF – SPF is essential during the day, no matter the time of year. With up to 90% of facial wrinkles caused by the sun’s UV rays, wearing sunscreen is the best step that you can take to preserve your youthful radiance

This skin care routine can be followed twice a day, although you really only need to use a cleanser at night, and save the SPF for the daytime only.

How Makeup-Free Do You Want to Be?

For some, the makeup-free trend is about wearing absolutely no makeup at all. For others, it is about giving off the impression that you are wearing no makeup, even though you actually are.

Either way, preparation is key for this look, so make sure that you begin by following the skin care steps mentioned above.

Then, apply a primer to your whole face. This can really help with your overall finish, whether or not you are actually going to be wearing any makeup.

What does a primer do?

Well, one of its jobs is to help your makeup to stay on your face for longer, but it has several other benefits too.

A primer can really give your skin a luminescent glow, thanks to the way in which it hydrates your skin and smooths it over. For those of you with oily skin, a primer can also help to control excess oil production, keeping you shine-free throughout your makeup-free day.

Of course, this all depends on the primer formula you choose. Make sure that you opt for one that contains all of these extra benefits, rather than one that has been solely designed to be used underneath makeup. 

Now you need to decide exactly how makeup-free you want to be…

If you would like to still wear makeup, but have it look as though you are not wearing any makeup, then your next step is to apply a sheer foundation. A sheer formula allows the natural texture of your skin to show through your makeup, rather than giving your skin heavy coverage.

Then, dab some concealer on to any imperfections that the foundation was not able to cover up, as well as around your eyes to help them pop

Applied too much foundation?

Try mixing some primer into your hands and then pressing this into your skin, as this will help to give your foundation a sheerer finish, rather than you having to remove everything and start all over again.

Want to give yourself a natural-looking blush?

There are a couple of ways in which you can do this…

To truly be makeup-free, give your face a gentle massage. Here are the key areas of your face to target:

  • Underneath your cheekbones
  • The temples
  • The eye sockets
  • The chin area

When massaging around your eyes and lips, use a zig-zag motion with your fingers, while circular motions should be used on the fleshy parts of your cheeks, as these techniques will really help to give you an instant glow. 

Would you prefer to use some actual blusher instead?

You don’t need to use much. Use an angled brush to gently swipe the blusher upwards, before using a circular motion to give the apples of your cheeks a bit of color. Blend the blusher in well, so that it looks completely natural.

Think your face could still do with a bit of a lift?

A highlighter can help, but you need to make sure that you choose one that gives you an extremely subtle highlight, rather than an obvious strip. When it comes to highlighters, a little goes a long way, especially when opting for the makeup-free trend. 

Groomed Eyebrows

Your eyebrows can make such a huge difference to your overall look, especially when going makeup-free, as they really help to shape your whole face.

Has it been a while since you’ve groomed your brows?

You need to begin by aligning them with your face, so that you know exactly which hairs need to be plucked.

How do you find the perfect brow shape for your face?

It’s easy…

Hold a pencil vertically against the bridge of your nose, over your nostril. The point at which it meets the outer edge of the top of your nose is where the inside edge of your eyebrow should sit. Then, angle the pencil directly over your pupil, to find where the arch of your eyebrow should be, before angling it over to the edge of your eye, to see where the end of your brows should lie.

Now that you have found the perfect eyebrow shape, brush your hairs up and then trim them with some scissors.

Now it is time to pluck…

This is often the part that many hate, as there is no denying that the process is usually quite painful.

Want to know how to make tweezing slightly less sore?

Do it after you have showered. The warm water from your shower will open up your hair follicles, which enables you to pull out each hair much quicker, and without the same level of pain.

You should also make sure that you are tweezing in the same direction as the hair is growing.

What happens if you tweeze the other way?

You will often end up leaving a small amount of hair in the follicle, resulting in a tiny black dot in that place. 

Have you over-tweezed your brows?

The easiest way to overcome this is by using an eyebrow pencil to fill in any bare spaces. Of course, if you are going makeup-free, then you will need to avoid using an eyebrow pencil, and will instead need to just wait for your brows to grow back.

Do you really hate tweezing?

Don’t worry, there are other ways in which you can groom your brows. Waxing and threading are great options, while shaving is the least painful, although you will need to purchase a dedicated eyebrow shaver for this.

Healthy, Full Lashes

If you have already spent some time looking at images of makeup-free celebrities, then you will likely notice that their eyelashes still look incredibly full, and do a great job of bringing out their eyes.

How can these full lashes be achieved without the use of any makeup?

One key product that you will need is a lash growth serum.

Never used an eyelash growth serum before?

All you need to do is gently apply the serum to your lashes once or twice a day.

Look for one that contains some of the following ingredients:

  • Peptides
  • Biotin
  • Panthenol
  • Glycosaminoglycans

All of these will not only encourage your eyelashes to grow longer, but will also help to thicken them up and strengthen them, preventing breakages.

Another way to enhance your eyelashes without makeup is by curling them.

Yes, eyelash curlers can look a little scary, but they are actually so quick and painless to use.

To curl your lashes with an eyelash curler, follow these steps:

  • Hold the curler in your hands in the same way you would hold a pair of scissors
  • Open it completely and place it over your upper lashes, ensuring that the strip of the curler is pressed against the root of your eyelashes, and that the curve of the curler is facing outwards
  • Gently close the curler over your lashes and squeeze, with a pulsing, but soft, motion
  • Turn the curler upwards, so that its curve now lines up with the crease on your eyelids
  • Keep squeezing in place for several seconds, making sure not to blink
  • Move the curler from the root of your lashes to their tip, squeezing it gently along the way
  • Open the curler and take a look at your beautifully curled lashes, repeating the steps above if you would like some extra definition 

Plump-Looking Lips

Since you are going makeup-free, lipstick is not an option.

Fortunately, you can plump up the look of your lips in other ways, such as by using a hydrating lip balm. Opt for one that contains peppermint oil, as this naturally boosts how rosy your lips look. 

If you don’t yet have a minty lip balm, give the Refreshing Mint-E Lip Balm from Vivo Per Lei a try!

Think your lips still need a smoother-looking finish?

Try exfoliating them, because the smoother the surface of the skin on your lips feels, the more light it will reflect, making your lips look so much fuller

How can you exfoliate your lips?

Either with a lip scrub, or by gently buffing them in circular motions using a soft, damp toothbrush. 

The makeup-free trend is a tricky one, because while some do opt for a completely make-up free look, others still wear makeup, but keep it looking natural. It is up to you which you decide to go for, because, either way, you will still be embracing your natural beauty.

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