Here’s What You Need To Do For Longer And Lusher Eyelashes

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Did you know that the eyelashes thin out over time due to various factors that cause hormonal imbalances, such as aging, genetics, and menopause?

Don’t worry – if your lashes have been looking a little sparse, there are a few things that you can do about this. From finding a good eyelash growth serum to applying a natural oil treatment, join us at Vivo Per Lei as we explore what you need to do to get eyelashes that look longer and lusher.

Use an Eyelash Growth Serum

Vivo Eyelash Growth Serum

If you want naturally gorgeous eyelashes, then an eyelash growth serum may be your new best friend! A lot of people have been using these, and understandably so. 

Achieve your dream eyelashes by using Vivo Per Lei’s Eyelash Rapid Growth Serum! The Vivo eyelash growth serum has the following: 

These ingredients in particular in the Vivo eyelash growth serum can make your eyelashes look beautifully glossy, without the need for makeup!

Make sure that your lashes are clean and dry before you apply an eyelash growth serum. If you’re wondering how you should use it, think of it as putting on eyeliner.

However, don’t forget that an eyelash growth serum is a potent product (assuming you go for something high quality, like the Vivo Eyelash Growth Serum!). So, keep these points in mind when applying an eyelash growth serum: 

  • Do not apply it to other parts of your face to avoid unwanted hair growth.
  • Wait for your skin to absorb the eyelash growth serum before applying anything else.

Do Eyelash Growth Serums Give Instant Results?

No. Most eyelash growth serums do not give instant results. You may have to wait eight weeks for visible results, given that you apply your eyelash growth serum every night. Be consistent if you want your eyelash growth serum to work, and make sure that you’re using a proven formula. Try the Vivo eyelash growth serum for best results!

You have to take note, though, that eyelash growth serums may not be for people with skin allergies or sensitive skin. Consult your doctor if you’re concerned.

Gently Remove Your Makeup Before Bed

Woman removing mascara

You have probably heard of this advice a thousand times before: remove your makeup before you sleep. The first product on your night skin-care routine should be a makeup remover. 

How To Remove Your Makeup While Keeping Your Lashes Intact

Some products such as mascara and eyeliner may be hard to remove, so you might be tempted to scrub your eyes excessively. However, doing so will only cause the loss of eyelashes over time. Rubbing too much will also result in irritation and wrinkles.

Instead, gently press the cotton pad soaked with eye makeup remover on your lashes and leave it on for a few seconds. Doing so will give the product time to work so you can continue to wipe off your mascara or eyeliner.

Makeup removers do not take off all your makeup, so you can also use facial wipes to remove them. Facial wipes are focused on hard-to-reach areas such as the sides of your nose and the inner corners of your eyes. For instance, you can try the IntroLift Vitamin C Facial Wipes, which are infused with vitamin C to also help brighten the look of the skin. It’s a great way to remove all the mascara and eyeliner missed by washing. Use the Vivo eyelash growth serum after this for stunning-looking eyelashes!

The best way to make sure there is no makeup left on your face is to follow up with a facial cleanser. Wash your face with Vivo Per Lei’s Hyaluronic Acid Daily Facial Wash, infused with hydrolyzed algae extract and jojoba oil. It not only cleanses your face but also refreshes and moisturizes how your skin feels.

Don’t worry if you have sensitive skin because Vivo Per Lei also has a facial cleanser for you! Try the Milk Cleanser – designed to remove dirt and oil from your skin. It also makes your face look even brighter. 

Now that you’re sure you’ve gotten rid of all of the eye cosmetic residue, it’s time to apply the other products in your skincare routine. Always remember to avoid harshly rubbing and tugging your face throughout your whole skin-care routine. No one wants to lose more eyelashes!

Choose And Use Your Eye Makeup Carefully

We use makeup to define our eyes. There are many cosmetic eye products available in the market.

Mascara, in particular, can make your eyelashes look darker, longer, and thicker. Meanwhile, eyeliner can make your lashes look lusher. It can also make your eyes look smaller or broader. However, we may be making some cosmetic mistakes that harm our eyes and even promote eyelash thinning. Here’s how to prevent that:

Avoid Cosmetic Products With Harmful Chemicals

There are many eye products available on the market. All of them promise good results, but some may contain harsh ingredients. Make it a habit to read the product labels and keep track of which components may be harmful to your eyes.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warns against using kohl. This color additive is supposed to enhance eye appearance. However, it contains high lead levels that may lead to kidney problems, anemia, and neurological damage. In some parts of the world, people use Kohl traditionally as an eye cosmetic, but it is illegal in the United States. It is best to check if a product contains it. Aside from kohl, take note of these ingredients also: 

  • Talc
  • Urea
  • Butylated hydroxyanisole

If you have sensitive eyes, look for hypoallergenic cosmetics or ditch everything and go with the makeup-free trend

Sometimes, It’s Not Good To Share

Yes, we mean it. You might want to lend your Vivo eyelash growth serum (or not, once you know how well it works) but you should not share your cosmetic products with anyone — not even your sibling or best friend! Be careful when trying out mall testers as well. So many people try them out, which may lead to product contamination that can infect your eyes after use. You may want to use cotton swabs and other single-use applicators to prevent this. 

Stop Using Your Old Mascara

Woman applying mascara

Those old eye cosmetic products? Throw them away. Of course, we are all guilty of keeping our makeup longer because it would be a waste to discard them immediately. However, you should use makeup for only a few months after you have opened it.

Although manufacturers put dates on the packaging, cosmetic products can accumulate bacteria or fungus once you open them. They get contaminated even if you keep them in a closed and clean container. If these cosmetic products get directly into your eye, you may experience a severe eye infection.

One other makeup point to keep in mind…

Stop putting water on your dried-up mascara so that you can use it for longer! 

Doing this will only introduce more bacteria to the product and cause harm to your eyelashes. The mascara brush can accumulate various germs from the environment. Once you put it back to the liquid, these germs will grow and multiply. Discard your mascara six months after opening it. You may have to throw it sooner if you notice a change in texture or smell.

It can be hard to know the right time to throw your eye cosmetics away. To make it easier for you, label the product with the date you opened it. Doing that will help you keep track of how long you have already been using it. You can also buy in smaller sizes if you don’t use makeup often to avoid wasting too much product.

Check your old mascara or your Vivo eyelash growth serum, and see if it’s time to hop to the store for a new one

Be Cautious When Using Other Cosmetic Products

We’ve talked about makeup. Now let’s move on to fake eyelashes and eyelash extensions. You have to be careful with them, too. You put them on your natural eyelashes, and they require adhesives to keep them in place. 

The eyelids are delicate. They can quickly get irritated and have allergic reactions to some adhesives. Save yourself the trouble by being careful about the products you use. Before you start applying those fake eyelashes, check the adhesives first to avoid getting any eye infection.

The Vivo eyelash growth serum is a great option if you want stunning eyelashes without these!

Try Putting Castor Oil on Your Eyelashes

Castor oil is derived from castor beans. It is effective against skin problems like acne, sunburn, stretch marks, wrinkles, and fine lines. It has established its reputation as a common ingredient for cosmetic products, and rightfully so!

You can find castor oil in almost every list of eyelash growth remedies you can find online. Castor oil, when mixed with coconut or almond oil, promotes hair growth. It can make your eyelashes and eyebrows look thicker! 

Castor oil brings a lot of benefits to your hair. Its omega-6 essential fatty acids produce healthy and dark hair. As if that’s not enough, castor oil is also a remedy for several ailments like menstrual disorders, migraines, Parkinson’s disease, and more.

Think Twice Before You Tint Your Eyelashes

Woman having lashes tinted

Are you considering getting an eyelash tint? Well, we’re telling you now: the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) advises you to be careful with it

Eyelash tinting is like mascara but with semi-permanent effects of darkening your lashes. However, some studies show that permanent eyelash tints can cause contact dermatitis and other eye injuries! Know that the FDA has not yet approved any color additives for eyelash tints or permanent dyeing.

Some eyelash (and eyebrow) dyes contain coal tar which is harmful to its user. Although these coal-tar products are possibly not sold to consumers, they are shipped directly from the manufacturer to beauty salons.

However, some eyelash dyes are sold to the public. Some licensed aestheticians do perform this procedure which makes it safer. It is discouraged that you do it by yourself at home.

It is Always Best to Consult An Expert

Are you having problems with your eyelashes? If your eyelashes fall out, lose color, and grow abnormally, those are the signs that you have blepharitis.

Blepharitis is a condition that involves the inflammation of the eyelids. It happens when tiny oil glands near the eyelash base are clogged. Other factors considered to cause blepharitis are allergies, infection, dry eyes, and eyelash mites. Blepharitis may make you have red and watery eyes, sensitivity to light, itchy and greasy eyelids, and crusty eyelashes.

Here’s How You Can Prevent Further Blepharitis Complications

You can take self-care measures such as using warm compresses and washing your eyes. Avoiding eye makeup for a while also helps prevent further damage. However, some instances require more treatment. Remember that early prevention is crucial. 

The best way to manage this condition is to go to a doctor for a checkup. Your family doctor may refer you to an optometrist or ophthalmologist once they have confirmed your condition.

Your eye doctor will examine your eyelids and eyes through a specific magnifying instrument. They might also swab your skin to collect oil or crust samples from your eyelids. Doing so will help them analyze whether there is an allergy, fungi, or bacteria.

If you want to know more about other eyelash diseases, you can read this study.

The Takeaway

Everybody wants beautiful lashes. They do make your eyes look prettier, but you have to remember that eyelashes are not only there for aesthetic purposes. They also protect by acting as a barrier between your eyes and the environment. Thus, it is crucial to make sure that they are feeling healthy.

With just one search on the internet, you will find several home remedies that are supposed to give you longer and lusher eyelashes. However, most of these remedies are not scientifically proven! Some of them might also cause side effects. There have only been a few studies on eyelashes as of the moment. We do not know yet if these so-called home remedies actually make your eyelashes look lusher, but we know for sure that the Vivo Eyelash Growth Serum will! 

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