11 Cleansing Tips for Clearer and Brighter Skin

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If you’re thinking that cleansing your face is a pretty foolproof task, well, you’d be sort of right. Splashing some water on your face, sudsing up your skin, and rinsing it off is hardly rocket science and it’s a cleansing method that will get the job done, right? Again, we’d have to say, sort of. Let’s walk through the steps and products you should be using from cleansing with our vivo hyaluronic acid daily face wash to how to properly dry off.

Whilst this quick three-step method might rid your skin of surface dirt and makeup, that’s really all it’s going to do. Meanwhile, if you’re looking to actually make a difference to your skincare routine and wish to improve your complexion whilst simultaneously cleaning away the entirety of the day’s dirt, dead skin, and makeup, you’ll need to do a little more. 

Want to know the best way to cleanse your skin for a clearer, brighter, and more radiant complexion? 

Let Vivo Per Lei show you how…

Introducing the Vivo Hyaluronic Acid Daily Face Wash


Now, before you even start to think about nailing down a successful and effective cleansing routine, you’ll need to find the best cleanser you can to get the job done right!

In times like these, the Vivo Hyaluronic Acid Daily Face Wash is everything you need. Hyaluronic acid is great for anti-aging, moisturization, reducing inflammation, and promoting an entirely even skin tone. It’ll even help to promote collagen production and improve skin elasticity. 

Meanwhile, this outstanding facial cleanser is also infused with soothing jojoba oil and hydrolyzed algae extract. Jojoba oil not only calms the skin, but also hydrates it. This will, in turn, aid toning and repair. Additionally, it is thought to unclog hair follicles. This can help lead to cleaner pores and, therefore, smoother skin overall.

What’s more, the hydrolyzed algae extract in your Vivo Hyaluronic Acid Daily Face Wash will give your skin essential vitamins. It’ll also clear out your pores, and leave your skin in a much softer condition than before you started using it. 

If all this wasn’t enough…

… the Vivo Hyaluronic Acid Daily Face Wash is also infused with hemp oil

Hemp Seed Oil 

Hemp oil is suitable for all skin types. It’s great for managing dry skin that tends to over-produce oil in an attempt to balance things out. Instead, hemp oil will moisturize your skin without clogging your pores. It will not cause it to become greasy in any way. What’s more, hemp oil also works to calm inflammation and helps to promote cell regeneration. A great anti-aging benefit! 

Say goodbye to fine lines and wrinkles. Hemp oil will be your new favorite ingredient when it comes to slowing down early signs of aging. Here at Vivo Per Lei, it’s one of ours too. Check out some of the other hemp oil products we have available! 

So, all in all, this outstanding cleanser will leave your skin feeling fresh, renewed, and free of dirt, yet also intensely hydrated and silky soft!

How To Effectively Cleanse Your Skin, Step By Step

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Now that we know the Vivo Hyaluronic Acid Daily Face Wash will be our new go-to cleanser, we need to get our cleansing routine in order before we move onto exfoliating, moisturizing, sheet masks, and so on!

And like we said, there’s so much more to making sure your skin has been properly cleaned at the end (and possibly the start) of the day than simply washing it with soap and water. 

Luckily, Vivo Per Lei is more than ready to share all of our tips and tricks that will benefit your skin  alongside why we know they’re so important! 


Here we go…

Decide When You Want To Cleanse Your Face Based On Your Skin Type

If you’ve always assumed that cleansing your face once in the morning and once at night was the only way…

We have news for you. 

There’s no one size, or one time, fits all when it comes to washing your skin. Here’s why.

Normal Skin

If you have a relatively normal skin type, ie your skin isn’t overly dry or overly oily, cleansing with your Vivo Hyaluronic Acid Daily Face Wash once in the morning and once at night is probably right for you. You’ll rid your skin of all the impurities, makeup, and other bacteria that have formed throughout the day at night. You’ll also wake up your skin ready for the day with a gentle cleanse in the morning.

Dry Skin

If your skin is particularly dry or sensitive to cleansing, we suggest opting to cleanse it just once a day. Preferably, in the evening.

Cleansing your face after a long day is the only real way to remove any bacteria build-up, makeup, or other pore-clogging properties. So, it’s important you don’t skip it. 

So why only once a day?

It’s all to do with balancing your skin’s oil levels.

Since dry skin often struggles to produce enough oil to keep your complexion hydrated, constantly stripping it of the oils (ie: washing it twice every day) will mean it really stands no chance! What’s more, over-washing can sometimes lead to overproduction of oil so you may even find your skin goes from dry to oily if you overdo it on the Vivo Hyaluronic Acid Daily Face Wash.

Additionally, sensitive skin can often find constant cleansing very irritating. This can lead to other issues, such as redness, itching, and even flaking in some cases. 

Oily Skin

Now, if you have very oily skin, we can bet you’re tempted to, or already do, cleanse your skin more often to get rid of that feeling of build-up and clogged pores. Our advice? Avoid doing this. 

Washing your face repeatedly with a cleanser may feel great at first. However, you’ll quickly find that because you keep stripping it of those natural oils, it’ll start to fight back. Your skin will want to reproduce them, leaving you with an over-production of oil. Nobody wants that! 

Instead, we recommend sticking to the cleanse twice a day rule for oily skin. Over time, your skin should catch up and settle into this new routine. This will lessen how much oil it produces when it’s not trying to give back what your multiple cleanses a day were taking from it!

Combination Skin

Ah combination skin, isn’t it glorious. Don’t worry, we’re shaking our heads too.

It’s all well and good deciding how often or not often to cleanse your skin when it’s the same all over. However, when your skin is oily in some places, dry in others, and relatively normal everywhere else, how are you supposed to figure it out?

Although we hate to say it, we don’t have an exact answer for you here. 

Our best advice?

Trial and error.

Don’t concern yourself with what others are telling you if those guidelines just aren’t working for your skin. Everybody’s face is different, as are everyone’s complexions. So, try different ways and if something’s not working for your skin after roughly a fortnight, don’t be afraid to mix things up. 

Equally, we also suggest you try only applying Vivo Hyaluronic Acid Daily Face Wash on specific parts of your face that need them more sometimes. 

For example, if most of your face is pretty dry and you only cleanse it once a day yet your forehead needs a double cleanse daily, go ahead and apply a little cleanser to that area on a second wash, but only use water on the rest of your skin.

Tailor your skincare routine specifically to you. Your facial skin will soon fall in line! Then you can happily move on to your body care knowing your complexion is well taken care of.

Remove Your Makeup

Woman removing makeup from eyes

If you’re using your cleanser to remove your makeup then tut-tut… but also, we’ve definitely been guilty of this in the past! Now, if you’re still hoping it will simultaneously cleanse your face…we have bad news.

Trying to scrub off all that product, no matter how minimal, can really jeopardize how effective your Vivo Hyaluronic Acid Daily Face Wash is for your face. 

So, instead of pushing all of that leftover makeup into your pores as you attempt to cleanse your precious face skin, go ahead and take it off using a gentle makeup remover and eco-friendly makeup removal pads before you reach for your cleanser.

Wash Your Hands, Then Wash Your Face

Before you touch your hands to your face, go ahead and give them a thorough wash. Because whether it’s the remnants of your removed makeup or microscopic dirt/bacteria, you can bet it’ll find its way into your pores if you go straight in with your Vivo Hyaluronic Acid Daily Face Wash on your hands.

Be sure to use warm water and an anti-bacterial hand wash. This will ensure your hands are entirely clean before you touch your face. Then, pat them dry with a clean dry towel before you begin.

Use Only the Amount Of Cleanser Instructed

Okay, so this tip isn’t exactly about improving the overall look and feel of your skin. However, we do think it’s incredibly helpful!

You may be thinking that the more cleanser you use, the cleaner your skin will be. Not true. Use the recommended amount and you’ll see the expected results. Adding more cleanser will do nothing but waste your precious Vivo Hyaluronic Acid Daily Face Wash!

Wet Your Face And Hands With Luke Warm Water

Woman cleansing skin

Avoid hot water as much as possible. It can quickly irritate and dry out the skin. Instead, use lukewarm water. This will allow you to create a decent foam with your product. It also feels much more pleasant on your face, and you won’t have the nasty (and unnecessary) shock of an ice-cold water splash at the end of your cleansing routine either!

Massage the Product Into Your Skin for One Minute

Whilst we know it’s super tempting to scrunch your eyes shut, quickly rub your cleanser all over your face, splash it away with some water, and be done with it, this will not lead to a clearer and brighter complexion!

Instead, taking just a few moments to properly massage your cleanser into your skin will do wonders for your complexion. Not only can you ensure you’ve properly cleaned your skin this way, but you can also make the most of that time to stimulate blood flow and re-energize your skin. 

Do this by gently rubbing your cleanser in small circles around each area of your face one at a time. Be sure to get your forehead, temples, cheekbones, cheeks, upper lip, and chin. 


Don’t stop when you reach that point!

Taking your cleanser and that massaging action along the jawline and into the neck is always a great idea. You’d be surprised how much makeup and grime makes its way into these spots throughout the day. So, ensuring they get a good cleansing too is essential for an overall glowing, dewy-looking appearance!

Rinse Your Face and Pat Dry With a Clean Dry Towel

Now that you’re all done with the actual cleansing part, it’s time to remove your cleanser. To do this, we’re going to use lukewarm water again. 

Firstly, make sure you’re not using the same water you used to initially wet your face and hands. This water could now be contaminated since you applied it to your face before cleaning it. Instead, use fresh, clean, luke-warm water to clean your cleanser away, gently splashing your face, jaw, and neck until all of the cleanser is gone. 

Be careful not to get the cleanser in your eyes here. Simply use your fingers to smooth it away in a gentle motion. 

Once that’s done, reach for a clean dry towel and pat your skin dry. And when we say pat, we mean pat!

There’s no use going through this careful and considered cleansing routine only to rough up your skin at the end by scrubbing it dry with a towel. This action can cause irritation and redness. This will have the opposite effect of what we’re trying to achieve. Patting it dry with a soft, clean, dry facial towel will preserve your hard work and will allow your skin to dry off gently and calmly. You can then follow up with your favorite Vivo Per Lei moisturizer

And there you have it! The perfect go-to daily routine to make the most out of your favorite Vivo Hyaluronic Acid Daily Face Wash. Proof that clearer, brighter, more hydrated-looking skin is just a cleanse away. 

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