Your Fav Post of 2022: 6 Reasons to Use a Vitamin E Beard Oil

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Taking care of your beard can be a challenging ordeal. Growing it out is just the start; it requires extra care to maintain a healthy, lustrous appearance. So, if you’re new to the beardaverse, you might find yourself overwhelmed. Are you implementing the right technique required to keep your beard as full and shiny as can be? Fear not because Vivo Per Lei is up to the task.

Vitamins play a key role in helping us look and feel our best. And vitamin E deserves a special mention when it comes to managing your beard. This primary fat-soluble ingredient can do wonders for your beard. We’re here to tell you all about the wonderful effects of vitamin E beard oil. We’ll also be highlighting our standout beard oils throughout this read — the Cedarwood Moisturizing Beard Oil and the Nourishing Beard Oil with Tea Tree, Aloe, Mint.

Here are six reasons that you need to use vitamin E beard oil:

Takes Care of Beard Split Ends

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Vitamin E has numerous reported benefits to enhance your lifestyle. It’s great for your body as it helps the immune system and the heart. But that’s not all it’s beneficial for; vitamin E has been used to enhance the look and feel of your skin and hair since the 1950s!

Just like the hair on your head, split ends are a common issue with beards. Every now and then, you might notice strands of your beard hair splitting into two or three branches. Almost similar to an unraveled rope.

But do you know why that happens? Split ends tend to occur as a result of dryness when the ends of your beard hair become stiff and tattered. If your skin is exposed to extreme weather conditions e.g., harsh winter chill, your hair can become dry and brittle, causing breakage. Split ends can also be a result of using too many harsh chemicals on your beard hair. In addition, if you subject your beard to straightening, curling, or blow-drying techniques in the hopes of enhancing its look, you’re paving the way for split ends to form.

The Cedarwood Moisturizing Beard Oil

If you’re worried about this issue damaging the look and feel of your beard, you should try a vitamin e beard oil. It’s sensational for moisturizing your beard, keeping it looking smooth. This way, your beard hair is less prone to damage. For the best results, we recommend incorporating the Cedarwood Moisturizing Beard Oil from our Men’s Collection!

The enriched formula is designed to give your jaw and beard area some tender loving care. It’s infused with tocopherol (vitamin E) which works to reduce the look of dull hair. It also comprises the skin-enhancing benefits of cedar seed oil, which quickly spreads on your beard area and hair. It helps to soften the feel of bristly beard hair too, providing a sleek, dapper look.

This sensational moisturizing beard oil offers effective lubrication that keeps your skin and hair feeling smooth. It helps detangle your hair without leading to frizz or breakage. Don’t forget to make this oil a part of your daily beard care regimen. You’ll notice stronger-looking, well-hydrated bristles!

Beard care oil

Helps Alleviate the Feeling of Itchy Dandruff

Split ends and dandruff go hand-in-hand. Beard dandruff or beardruff occurs when your beard gets dry and itchy. This can happen because of dead skin cells that accumulate on your skin from time to time. When your hair grows from dry skin, it suffers a lot more protein and cuticle damage compared to hair grown from healthy, moisturized skin. This damage takes the form of stiffness, breakage, and dullness. If you suffer from beardruff, you know just how annoying and unpleasant it can be to deal with.

So, how do you ensure that your skin stays properly moisturized? Vitamin e beard oil has been known to work exceptionally well for alleviating dryness, thus reducing the look of beardruff considerably. Incorporating it into your daily beard care routine can make all the difference!

Among its array of skin-enhancing benefits, vitamin E has been incorporated into beard care to get rid of dandruff. It works to make your skin feel smooth and soft so it doesn’t look flaky. That’s why vitamin E beard oil makes a sensational moisturizer to help you keep that dreaded itchy beard at bay. It works well to reduce the look of dry skin conditions, including atopic dermatitis, eczema, and psoriasis.

The Cedarwood Vitamin E Beard Balm

Vivo Per Lei Beard Balm

If you’re looking to add a little more vitamin E to your beard care, we also have the Cedarwood Vitamin E Beard Balm. This sensational balm is infused with sweet almond, olive, and jojoba oils, which are known to be excellent for reducing the appearance of beard dandruff. The rich formula also incorporates hemp seed and cedarwood bark oils that promise to give your beard the look of long-lasting moisture, shine, and softness. It’s also a great remedy to diminish the look of flyaway hair and get your beard styled to your liking!

How do you apply our Cedarwood Vitamin E Beard Balm? Take a pea-sized amount with the back of your thumbnail. If you have a large beard, you can take a dime-sized amount instead. Rub the balm between your palms to emulsify the formula. Massage it into your beard by running your fingers through it. Begin with the roots and move your fingers towards the tips of your beard hair. Don’t forget about your moustache! Finish off by brushing your beard with a natural bristle brush to spread the balm out evenly.

Thickens Beard Hair

Hipster beards — thick, full-looking beards — have become nearly every man’s idea of the perfect form of facial hair. It can be frustrating when you’re forced to shave your beard off because it ends up looking patchy, thin, and weak instead.

There are lots of reasons that you might be facing this issue. For starters, your beard is often exposed to environmental elements, like the harsh winter chill, high humidity, and air pollutants. These factors can prevent your beard from growing in a consistent volume and manner. An unhealthy diet and lack of care also play a huge role in making your beard appear weak.

But like most other beard-related issues, vitamin E can prove wonderful for making it look thick and full. Vitamin E beard oil has sensational properties to enhance the texture and volume of your beard hair. If you want to maintain a proper beard, this vitamin will help revitalize the look of your skin and hair.

Good for Your Skin

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Some people often neglect the skin under their beards. This can make it more prone to irritation and long-term damage.

Moreover, beard hair is coarse, so it’s easy for bacteria to get trapped in there and wreak havoc on your skin.

To care for the skin underneath, you can count on vitamin E to work its magic! By using a vitamin E beard oil daily, you can help reduce the signs of damage on your skin, keeping it feeling fresh and healthy.

Diminishes the Look of Gray Hair

The natural aging process often results in weakened pigment cells, causing your hair to turn gray. But some people can experience graying hair very early on, as prematurely as during high school or college.

If your hair has already turned gray as a result of genetics or natural aging, there is no way to bring it back. If your gray strands are still sporadic, you can incorporate a solid beard care regimen to slow down these visible signs of aging as a proactive measure. It’s also important to note that if there are other underlying causes, like thyroid disease or a vitamin deficiency, it’s possible to get your normal hair color back!

So, how do you tackle this issue the natural way? Vitamin E has been known to act to diminish the visible signs of aging, including graying hair. Making vitamin E beard oil a part of your daily regimen can make all the difference!

While we’re on the subject of aging, we should mention the Vivo Per Lei Men’s Black Caviar Serum Capsules. Each one is infused with real caviar extract and vitamin E, which work together to diminish the signs of aging, including fine lines and wrinkles. This serum is a sensational formula that’s specially designed for men to give the skin a firmer look. Witness a much smoother and more contoured appearance like never before!

How to Apply a Vitamin E Beard Oil

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Just incorporating vitamin E beard oil into your daily routine won’t be enough if you don’t know the proper way to do it. So, let’s get into it.

Step 1: Wash Your Beard

Before having any sort of beard treatment done, it’s crucial to make sure those hairs are completely free from any dirt particles or residual products. Pick a good beard wash that suits your skin type. After washing, rinse off your beard area and moustache with lukewarm water to relax your pores. Now that your beard is clean, you can move on to the application of your vitamin E beard oil.

Step 2: Prepare the Oil

It’s important to heat the oil before you apply it to your beard. But you won’t need to microwave it; you just have to rub the oil in your hands to get it a little warm. Take a few drops of any of our vitamin e beard oils into your hands. Rub your palms together for a few seconds. This will make the oil easier to apply while also enhancing its efficacy!

Step 3: Apply

Start by applying the oil at the base of your beard and work your way to the tips. Use circular motions to massage the oil in and divide it evenly across all your beard hair. You can also use a comb to even out the distribution if you’re not satisfied.

Parting Tips to Keep Your Beard Looking Healthy 

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Regardless of whether you’re starting out on your beard journey or you already have a full beard, you’ll need these helpful tips:

Stick to a Regimen

Growing a beard requires commitment — you need to incorporate the proper care products into your daily routine. We happen to have a sensational product that you should check out — our Men’s 3-in-1. If you don’t like dealing with too many products, our 3-in-1 shampoo, conditioner, and body wash formula is perfect for you! It incorporates a rich blend of jojoba, sage, and hemp seed oils to give you a clean, refreshed sensation!

Improve Your Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle makes for a healthy-looking beard. It’s best to avoid smoking, too much caffeine or alcohol intake, and staying awake late at night. You should also make sure your daily food intake satisfies your recommended nutrient requirements.

Pick the Right Beard Cleanser

It’s important to pick a beard cleanser that suits your skin type. For oily skin, it’s recommended to incorporate salicylic or glycolic acids as active ingredients. ‌For normal skin, you’ll do well with a non-comedogenic cleanser. If your skin is dry, incorporate a hydrating cleanser that’s fragrance-free so your skin doesn’t irritate.

Groom Your Beard

Don’t forget to comb your beard every day to prevent knots. Trim the hair regularly to achieve the look you want.

Witness the Magic of Vitamin E Beard Oil With Vivo Per Lei!

A vitamin E beard oil is a wonderful product to have in your beard care arsenal. With proper attention and consistency, you might even get some heads turning.

Don’t forget to check out Vivo Per Lei’s bestsellers to enhance your skincare game!

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