Have You Tried the Vivo Per Lei Hemp Body Wash Yet?

Vivo Per Lei Hemp Body Wash

Too many people believe that, when it comes to showering, it doesn’t matter what you put on your skin, as long as it cleans you up properly.

However, we have to emphasize – such a preconception is wrong.

Not only does it matter, but a bad body wash can completely destroy the surface of your skin, especially if used for a prolonged period of time.

That is why you should pay special attention to what you are applying to your skin. We are here to help you make a proper decision and buy a completely natural product that will make your skin feel like it has never felt before – the Vivo Per Lei Hemp Body Wash.

Hemp Seed Oil – the Ultimate Cure

Hemp seeds and oil

As you can see from its name, the Vivo Per Lei Hemp Body Wash contains one of the best ingredients for the skin there is – Hemp Seed Oil. 

The usage of Hemp Seed Oil has been widely disputed because of the level of THC it might contain, which is considered to be a psychoactive component. However, contrary to the popular belief, Hemp Seed Oil doesn’t contain THC, and is completely safe for usage, not to mention healthy.

It is made by cold-pressing hemp seeds. It is usually green, and has a nutty flavor to it. Hemp seed oil has numerous benefits, not only for your skin and body, but for your general health too.

Treats Several Skin Conditions

The primary effect of hemp seed oil is to soothe and heal, so it is no wonder it can solve many skin conditions, such as psoriasis, eczema, atopic dermatitis, and others. It has anti-inflammatory properties, with the oil penetrating to the deepest layers of the skin, soothing any inflammatory processes that might have begun. This is mainly due to omega-6 fatty acids, which hemp oil is rich in.

It provides your skin with instant relief, which is why products with hemp seed oil (such as the Vivo Per Lei Botanical Hemp Body Wash) should be mandatory on your bathroom shelf.

Deeply Moisturizing

There are products that moisturize, and there are products that moisturize, if you know what we mean. There is nothing worse than your own skin feeling like it is burning or itching the entire day. Sadly, that is what dry skin feels like. And all the “regular” products don’t seem to do any good.

There are so many products that are advertised to be deeply nourishing. However, as it turns out, that is only for a brief moment, before your skin is all dried up again.

That is why it is important to use products with hemp oil in them. They provide your skin cells both on the surface and in the deeper layers with the hydration they need, while also forming a protective barrier on the surface. This barrier is important. It locks moisture in, not giving it the chance to evaporate.

These products are usually perfect for people with extra dry skin, who don’t seem to be able to fight it using regular products.

Regulates Oil Production

It does sound a bit contradictory, oil regulating oil production, but it is really true. People with oily skin usually have problems with the overproduction of natural oil on the surface of their skin. This causes their pores to clog. Clogged pores then lead to inflammation, which again triggers numerous skin conditions and problems, mostly acne.

However, hemp seed oil has some important nutrients in it that help the skin by regulating oil production. So, in this case, you will not put oil on top of oil and make matters worse. Instead, you will actually help your skin heal. Products with hemp oil will not only regulate oil production, they will deeply nourish your skin, making it as soft and fresh as a baby’s.

Anti-Aging Properties

By now, you have to be thinking “wow, this is truly amazing.”

Yes, the benefits of applying hemp oil on your skin are really nothing short of incredible. The linoleic acid and oleic acid abundant in hemp oil help make your skin younger and fresher.

They reduce the fine lines and wrinkles by stimulating the production of collagen, which is naturally produced in our skin. Collagen production diminishes through time, and eventually, it needs a little “push” in order for the skin to keep producing it.

There is nothing wrong with helping things along now and again, is there?

Now that some of the most beneficial properties of hemp oil have been pointed out, it is time to go back to one of the most amazing products that contain it – the Vivo Per Lei Hemp Body Wash.

Why Use the Vivo Per Lei Hemp Body Wash?

Vivo Body Wash and other hemp products

As we have already mentioned, you cannot have beautiful, fresh, and young-looking skin without paying attention to what you apply onto it. That is why the Vivo Body Wash is the product you need.

It’s Truly Refreshing

Your skin absorbs everything, each argument or stressful situation you’ve had, each damaging sun ray you have been exposed to. After a long day at work, or with the kids, everybody and everything needs a break, and your skin is not an exception.

And, trust us, the Vivo Per Lei Botanical Hemp Body Wash is the break you need. The smell, the feel, both during the shower and after it, is the sensation we all want to go back to every day.

It feels like a vacation on a desert island. During those couple of minutes, you will feel divinely refreshed, letting go of everything bad that happened during the day. Your skin will feel it and be thankful for it.

Soon you will see the difference too. Relaxed skin means healthy and radiant skin. 

It’s an Exceptional Cleanser

Although being refreshed is one of the most important benefits you would look for in a body wash, the primary purpose of any body wash is to remove the dirt from the surface of your skin.

The Vivo Per Lei Hemp Body Wash is one of the best cleansers on the market. It removes accumulated dirt and successfully unclogs your pores. This leaves no room for any inflammatory process to even begin. That is why the Vivo Body Wash is extremely useful for all of those having problems with acne breakouts, not only on their face, but on their body too.

It’s a Magnificent Moisturizer

As mentioned, hemp oil helps your body retain moisture by locking it in. That is why the Vivo Per Lei Hemp Body Wash, whose main ingredient is hemp seed oil, will not disappoint.

You will see that yourself. After a couple of days of regular usage, the difference will be obvious. The softness, the sleekness, everything you have ever wanted your skin to feel like, will become a reality!

Don’t just trust us, try it yourself, you will definitely not regret it.

It’s Good for Both Dry and Oily Skin

Regular, daily showers have always been considered a big no-no for people with exceptionally dry skin. This is only because people have not yet tried the Vivo Per Lei Botanical Hemp Body Wash.

Many of you may think it is impossible for a product to treat both dry and oily skin, yet here we are. The Vivo Body Wash will help your dry skin by not only moisturizing the surface of your skin, but the deeper levels too. It will then lock in that moisture to give your skin a plump and supple finish.

No more burning or tightness, this time, for good!

On the other hand, all of you that would like a permanent solution to the acne breakouts you might be experiencing, look no further! This amazing product with beneficial acids will help regulate the natural oil production in your skin. It will also clean all the residue that has been piling up on the surface of your skin. A dream come true for all those who know the feeling of a product not properly cleaning their skin.

So, if you really want to help your skin feel refreshed and nurtured, you will definitely have to try the Vivo Per Lei Hemp Body Wash.

However, in order to give your skin the “full service” so to speak, there are a couple of other products you might want to try too. Each one pairs perfectly with the Vivo Body Wash.

Products to Use with the Vivo Per Lei Botanical Hemp Body Wash

Hemp Body Scrub

Hemp Body Scrub

A good body wash can go a long way, but combined with a good body scrub, it can go even further. So, if you are considering buying the Vivo Per Lei Botanical Hemp Body wash, you should definitely look into this amazing Hemp Body Scrub too. It will help your skin become softer and brighter than ever.

The Hemp Body Scrub is a good way of removing all the dead skin residue on the surface of your skin that has been causing you problems for ages. It will successfully remove all the impurities while also equalizing the tone of your skin.

Apart from removing all the dirt, it also serves as a good moisturizer. So, you needn’t worry that your dry skin will become even drier – it won’t. Тhe hemp seed oil will make sure of that. It will bring the appropriate amount of moisture to your skin. We promise that your skin will feel softer after just one use.

However, as you know, exfoliants shouldn’t be used more than once a week, so be moderate when using it.

Hemp Oil Body Butter

Hemp Body Butter

This is truly the icing on the top of an excellent hemp cake. Next to the Vivo Body Wash and the Hemp Body Scrub, the Hemp Oil Body Butter would be the perfect ending to your skincare routine.

It deeply nourishes the skin, making it smooth and soft for a prolonged period of time.

It is like the perfect lullaby and the perfect ending to a day that may not have been so perfect. You will go to bed undisturbed, happy that you provided your body with proper nourishment.

If your day hasn’t gone that well, maybe you can dedicate some personal time to yourself. Treat yourself with this body butter, and you can thank us later.

Hyaluronic Acid Daily Facial Wash

Vivo Per Lei skincare cleanser

Your face is constantly being exposed to all kinds of harmful outer irritants. It is the first to show the signs of change due to the detrimental influence of the outside world. This makes it essential to take good care of it.

Hemp oil will definitely aid your cause, especially when combined with hyaluronic acid. That is why this Hyaluronic Acid Daily Facial Wash is, without a doubt, one of the best products there is. It will cleanse your face thoroughly, while also providing it with the nourishment it needs.

Hyaluronic Acid will help your face restore its former glow. It’ll also make those signs of aging less visible.

With this facial wash, not only will you successfully remove the dirt from the surface of your skin, but you will also reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles. That’s two birds with one stone, if you ask us.

Ageless Retinol Night Cream

Retinol Night Cream

Usually, miracles don’t happen overnight, but this one definitely will. Its magic will help your face bring back the youthful appearance it once had.

Retinol, which is one of the main ingredients in the Ageless Retinol Night Cream, will help with the production of collagen. Collagen, on the other hand, will help your face restore the elasticity it lost over the years. This will result in your face looking much younger.

You simply need to massage it in before you go to bed, and then let it do its magic. It will reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and it will combat age spots and any other irregularities.


So, no matter your skin type, hemp seed oil is an ingredient that you should be using. Give it a try with the Vivo Per Lei Hemp Body Wash, and pair it with some of the other above-mentioned products for even better results.

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