Skincare Secrets Dermatologists Don’t Want You to Know

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Wish you had access to dermatologist advice without having to actually visit a dermatologist?

You’ve come to the right place! Read on as Vivo Per Lei shares some of the best-kept skincare secrets around. Follow these tips and you’ll be able to maintain a gorgeous complexion that will likely never need to see the inside of a dermatologist’s office.

Improving Your Cleansing Habits Can Change Everything

Collagen Foaming Cleanser

Cleansing is such a simple act that many of us do without even thinking about it. Everyone knows that it’s an essential part of skincare, so much so that it has now become second nature.

There’s nothing wrong with this, but it’s also worth keeping in mind that some of the visible skin concerns you’ve been struggling with could be fixed simply by making a few small tweaks to your cleansing habits. Whether you’re dealing with the appearance of wrinkles, dullness, dark spots, acne, or anything else, upping your cleansing game can help.

How can you do this? Consider double cleansing each night, or even triple cleansing. Cleansing brushes and tools can be useful too. Of course, using the right cleanser for your skin type is absolutely vital as well. Oily skin does best with a gentle foaming cleanser while dry skin thrives when cleansed with a hydrating and moisturizing formula.

Retinoids Provide Undeniable Skincare Benefits

24K Caviar Gold Serum

Every dermatologist will have their own opinions when it comes to the best ingredients to use for various issues. Some love retinoids and freely recommend them while others aren’t fans and dissuade their clients from using these ingredients.

When it comes down to it, retinoids are undeniably beneficial. Also known as vitamin A, retinoids are some of the most widely-studied skincare ingredients in the industry. Numerous studies confirm the many ways in which retinoids can improve the complexion, making this an ingredient well worth using.

Again, your skin type should dictate how you do so. If your skin is oily, normal, or combination, retinol is what you want. You’ll find it in the Vivo Per Lei 24K Gold Caviar Serum. On the other hand, if your skin type is dry or sensitive, retinol may be a little too potent. Retinyl palmitate, however, is a gentler version that still provides incredible results. Give it a try for yourself with the Vivo Per Lei Anti-Aging Face Cream.

A Nap May Be All You Need to Get Rid of Dark Circles

Age Control Eye Cream

Speak to a dermatologist about dark circles and while some of them may dish out useful lifestyle advice, others will immediately start recommending various eye creams. By all means, use one – eye creams certainly have their place in a skincare routine! Look for one packed with ingredients proven to lighten and brighten the complexion, just like the Vivo Per Lei Age Control Eye Cream, and you’ll likely see some great improvements.

At the same time, dark circles can sometimes be eliminated without the use of extra products. Sleep deprivation is a very common cause of them, meaning that catching up on your lost beauty sleep could help to turn things around for your eye area.

Ideally, this would involve making some changes to when you go to bed or what time you wake up in the mornings. However, if this isn’t possible, scheduling a midday nap could be all that’s needed to give your eye area a lighter, smoother, and fresher finish.

Sleeping On Your Side Can Accelerate Wrinkle Formation

Speaking of sleeping…

As important as quality sleep may be for your skin, how you sleep is also worth paying attention to. If you sleep on your side, you could end up accelerating the rate at which you develop wrinkles.

How? Firstly, when your face rubs against your pillow, friction is created. This damages the protein fibers that keep your skin smooth and taut. The creases in your pillow will also embed themselves in your skin overnight. Sure, those creases will disappear soon after waking when you’re young but, once you’re older and you don’t have quite as many strong protein fibers to fall back on, those temporary lines end up turning into permanent wrinkles.

Swapping to a silk pillowcase will enable you to get around this to a certain extent. However, to play it safe, make an effort to start sleeping on your back too.

Clean Beauty Isn’t All it Seems

With many dermatologists now selling clean skincare lines of their own, it’s easy to understand why so many people assume that this is the way to go for their skin. It also means that they won’t need to worry about subjecting their skin to the potentially harmful ingredients that some skincare products are known for having since everything that they’ll be using will be natural.

In theory, this is very true. However, the reality is a little different…

As great as the concept of clean beauty may seem, there’s no one actually regulating it. The terms ‘natural’, ‘clean’, and ‘organic’ can be used freely by just about anyone, meaning that you never really know if what you’re buying is truly clean. Plus, lab-produced ingredients can be extremely beneficial too. Shun them all and your skin will end up missing out.

There’s No Getting Away From Sun Damage

Gold Facial Serum

Just about every dermatologist will preach about the importance of sun protection, and rightly so. The sun is responsible for causing so much damage to your skin. 

Unfortunately, even those who are extremely diligent about sun protection are unlikely to be completely protecting their skin. Whether they accidentally leave it too long in between sunscreen reapplications or don’t apply enough product to every single inch of their skin, chances are that those UV rays will somehow manage to make their way in. Completely avoiding sun damage is pretty much impossible!

However, it’s not all doom and gloom. Although some sun damage is inevitable, adding plenty of antioxidants to your skincare routine will allow you to counter the visible effects of UV damage. The Vivo Per Lei Radiance Gold Facial Serum, for example, will keep your complexion even, smooth, and luminescent, even after a day in the sun. 

Hydration Should Be a Priority

There are many aspects to consider when it comes to giving your skin all that it needs, but hydration is the most important. Without access to enough water, your skin cells will dry out and shrivel up, leaving you with a dull and sallow appearance.

In terms of giving your skin adequate hydration, a two-pronged approach is needed. Start by making sure that you’re drinking enough water. Including plenty of water-rich foods in your diet, such as watermelon, lettuce, and cucumber, will also help to boost your body’s water intake.

Then, give your skin some extra moisture with topical hydration. Sodium hyaluronate is one of the best ingredients for doing this, and you’ll find it in the Vivo Per Lei Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Day Cream. It’s joined by several other hydrating superstars, including jojoba oil and hemp seed oil.

Using Too Many Products Can Be Bad For Your Skin

It’s tempting to go all out when it comes to putting a skincare routine together. There are so many intriguing products out there and this, coupled with the concept of the 10-step routine, means that you could potentially treat your skin to 20 different skincare products each day!

However, this isn’t usually a good idea. Sure, a 10-step routine can sometimes be advantageous but, more often than not, less is more when it comes to your skin. Overloading it with a long line of products increases your chances of developing sensitivities. It also means that you could up combining incompatible ingredients, which would only make your skin concerns worse.

While there’s nothing wrong with occasionally indulging in a long and complex skincare routine, try keeping it simple when it comes to your daily regimen.

Acne is Not Inevitable If You Have Oily Skin

Fresh Eucalyptus Facial Mask

Many people with oily skin resign themselves to the fact that they’re going to have to deal with breakouts for the foreseeable future. However, this isn’t necessarily true…

Acne occurs because of a combination of factors. Excess sebum, dead skin cells, and bacteria need to come together before inflammation forms in the pores, resulting in pimples. If you’re able to prevent this from happening, then you won’t have to deal with the subsequent breakouts.

How can you do this? As we mentioned earlier, improving your cleansing habits can make a big difference. Exfoliation is key too. This will catch any debris that your cleanser missed. A clay mask, such as the Vivo Per Lei Fresh Eucalyptus Facial Mask, will help with this as well. Clay is great for pulling excess oil and impurities out from the pores, preventing the appearance of breakouts.

Give New Products Enough Time to Work

It’s easy to get impatient when it comes to skincare. In an age of instant gratification, having to wait several weeks before a new product kicks into action can seem excruciating. As a result, many people tend to give up too soon, casting new products aside in the belief that they don’t work, only to replace them with new products that also don’t make a difference.

Try practicing some patience with your skincare and this could change everything. Many skincare ingredients need at least a couple of months to work before they make enough of a difference for you to see the changes. Some need even longer than this! 

Ideally, try to wait for at least three months before judging whether or not a product has worked well for you.


There’s so much to learn when it comes to caring for your skin. If you’ve just discovered several secrets and tips that you haven’t already been following, don’t panic. Make the necessary changes to your routine now and be consistent with your skincare – you’ll soon be able to make up for any lost time and restore perfection to your complexion!

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