The Role of Antioxidants in Skincare and Where to Find Them

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Whether you’re shopping for new skincare products or you’re scrolling through your favorite beauty blogs, the term ‘antioxidant’ is one that you’ll come across very frequently. Just about everyone seems to recommend them, particularly those who are dealing with the visible signs of skin aging.

However, what exactly is the role of antioxidants in skincare? Are these ingredients that you need to be using and, if so, where can you find them? Read on as Vivo Per Lei talks you through the main benefits of antioxidants in skincare, along with which antioxidants would be most beneficial for your skin.

What Exactly Are Antioxidants and Where Do They Come From?

Antioxidants are naturally-occurring molecules. Their main purpose is to keep the cells in your body feeling protected from free radical damage. 

Free radicals are molecules that can be found in the environment – pollutants, smoke, and chemicals are chock full of them. There really is no getting away from them – they’re even produced in the human body as a byproduct of cell metabolism. 

So, when it comes to keeping your body feeling safe and protected from free radical damage, antioxidants are essential. 

The human body produces a number of antioxidants itself, including glutathione, uric acid, and alpha lipoic acid. Your body also obtains plenty through your diet. 

However, natural antioxidant levels decline with age. This is also when the appearance of free radical damage starts to really accumulate and make itself visible, meaning that antioxidants are more vital than ever. This is where antioxidants in skincare come in…

The Power of Antioxidants in Skincare: 4 Benefits That They Provide

There are hundreds, and possibly even thousands, of antioxidants out there. In some ways, they all do the same thing; they reduce the appearance of oxidative stress and free radical damage in the skin.

However, each antioxidant also provides its own spectrum of benefits. These include the following:

1. They Can Firm and Tighten the Appearance

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Free radical damage is infamous for how it accelerates the skin aging process. It damages the collagen and elastin proteins that support your skin from within. As a result, the skin starts to loosen and sag, meaning that fine lines and wrinkles begin to appear.

One of the biggest benefits of antioxidants in skincare is how they can firm up the appearance. This then tightens up the look of fine lines and wrinkles, leaving the complexion smoother and more youthful.

2. They Brighten the Look of the Skin and Fade the Visibility of Hyperpigmentation

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Hyperpigmentation is another side effect of free radical damage, especially damage caused by UV rays. The sun produces more melanin as a way to protect itself, with melanin being the pigment that determines your skin color. The excess melanin doesn’t get distributed through your skin properly. This leads to certain parts of the skin appearing darker than others. In small amounts, this causes overall dullness, whereas severe hyperpigmentation can make the skin look very uneven.

Again, certain antioxidants can save the day by lightening the look of dark spots. They also brighten up a dull complexion, giving the skin a beautiful radiance.

3. They Can Reduce the Feeling of Inflammation

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Free radical damage causes oxidative stress in the skin, which triggers inflammation. This manifests in a variety of different ways. Some experience acne, others notice redness and sensitivities, and some end up with rashes.

Either way, if your skin is inflamed, there are many antioxidants out there that can help to soothe and calm the feel of your skin. They’ll reduce the look of redness and keep your complexion balanced and happy.

4. They Can Make the Pores Look Smaller and Less Noticeable

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Remember how we mentioned that free radicals damage the collagen and elastin fibers in your skin? Well, the looseness that this leads to can make pore openings lax, meaning that they look much larger.

The way in which antioxidants in skincare firm up the look of the skin makes the pores appear tighter and less visible once again. They won’t be as noticeable anymore, which has the overall effect of making the skin look smoother and younger.

The Best Antioxidants to Use on Your Skin

As you can see, pretty much everybody would benefit from using antioxidants in skincare. However, with so many different antioxidants out there, how do you know which ones to choose?

When it comes down to it, every antioxidant will boost your complexion in some way. That said, if you want to ensure that you’re giving your skin the most potent antioxidants available, here are some skincare ingredients to keep an eye out for:

Vitamin C

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Vitamin C is often referred to as the ultimate antioxidant. Why? Because it has been proven to provide all four of the benefits listed above. It brightens the complexion, tightens the look of wrinkles, soothes the feeling of inflammation, and minimizes the appearance of enlarged pores, all at the same time!

There are plenty of vitamin C serums and creams to choose from, but try to incorporate this antioxidant in the cleansing stage of your skincare routine too. The IntroLift Vitamin C Facial Wipes make this easy with an infusion of ascorbic acid – the purest form of vitamin C used in skincare.

Vitamin E

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Just like vitamin C, vitamin E does a little bit of everything. However, while some vitamin C products can be too potent for the skin, you won’t have to worry about which form of vitamin E to use – this antioxidant is revered for how it calms the look of the skin. It also helps to keep the skin feeling soft and smooth, while giving the skin a thicker finish.

The purest form of vitamin E is tocopherol. You’ll find it in our Men’s Black Caviar Serum Capsules. In addition to vitamin E, each capsule also contains several other antioxidant-rich ingredients.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is a powerful antioxidant that’s particularly beneficial for reducing the appearance of skin aging and lightening the look of dark spots. It’s available in a few different forms, with the most potent being composed of small molecules that penetrate deep into the skin.

The only downside to retinol and other vitamin A derivatives is the skin purging that they can cause. However, this usually only lasts for a few weeks. After this, your skin should look better than ever!

Hyaluronic Acid

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Hyaluronic acid is most famous for its hydrating capabilities. However, many don’t realize that it serves as an antioxidant too. This makes it twice as beneficial. Not only will you be able to enjoy its antioxidant effects, but your skin will feel plumper and deeply hydrated too.

You’ll find the ingredient in several Vivo Per Lei skincare products. However, there are two that are particularly focused on highlighting the benefits of hyaluronic acid; the Hyaluronic Acid Daily Facial Wash and the Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Day Cream. Start with the cleanser and follow up with the moisturizer to experience skin that looks brighter, smoother, and healthier.

Green Tea Extract

Green tea is famous for being a rich source of a variety of antioxidants. However, the most potent are its polyphenols, which are also referred to as catechins. One of these is called EGCG, which is short for epigallocatechin gallate. It’s a particularly impressive antioxidant because of how it can singlehandedly offer all four of the benefits mentioned earlier.

Even better, green tea extract isn’t known for causing any type of skin irritation. Instead, it’s loved for how it soothes the feel of the skin, keeping the complexion balanced.


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Also known as the maidenhair tree, the ginkgo biloba comes from China. Its fan-shaped leaves have been historically used for medicinal purposes, with modern-day research confirming that they are brimming with antioxidants. The most potent is the plant’s flavonoids, which are super effective at reducing the feeling of irritation while diminishing the look of skin aging.

That’s why we’ve infused ginkgo biloba extract in our Men’s After Shave Balm. Apply it to your skin once you’re done shaving and you’ll feel touchably soft and smooth. You don’t need to limit its use to shaving days either – swap it out for your regular daily moisturizer to enjoy some of the best antioxidants in skincare.


Resveratrol is a polyphenol. It’s produced naturally in a number of different plants, with the skin of red grapes containing a particularly high concentration of the antioxidant.

Studies show that products containing just 1% resveratrol have the ability to fade the look of UV-induced pigmentation. It’s also a fantastic ingredient for diminishing the appearance of wrinkles. 

Vitamin B3

Also known as niacinamide, vitamin B3 offers numerous benefits. However, its biggest draw is how it soothes the feel of the skin. If your skin often feels irritated or sensitive, then vitamin B3 would be one of the most worthwhile antioxidants in skincare to look for.

It’s also a must-try for those with aging skin. Vitamin B3 works to thicken the feel of the skin’s protective barrier, leaving the skin feeling more resilient.

Aloe Vera Leaf Extract

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Aloe vera is often a go-to when people are dealing with irritated or sensitive skin. Many assume that how it soothes the complexion is down to its hydrating properties. While these do play a key role, aloe vera is also loaded with a range of polyphenols that display high antioxidant activity.

Since aloe vera also helps to keep the skin feeling protected, it’s a great ingredient to look for in a moisturizer, such as the Vivo Per Lei Pumpkin and Collagen Day Cream. This formula is packed with antioxidant-rich plant extracts. From aloe vera to cucumber to pumpkin seed oil, it will leave you looking plumper and brighter after every use.


Once you understand the significant benefits provided by antioxidants, it’s easy to see why more and more people are starting to pay attention to antioxidants in skincare. While consuming plenty of antioxidants through your diet is still important, there’s nothing quite like ensuring that your skin has direct access to these potent ingredients by applying them topically. Try to incorporate multiple antioxidants into your skincare routine and it won’t be long before you notice some big improvements in your complexion.

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