The Top 8 Ways to Minimize the Look of Pores and Achieve Smooth Skin

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Your pores perform a few vital roles when it comes to the health of your skin. They enable the skin to breathe while also providing a passageway between the internal layers of your skin and the outside world.

With that said, as important as they may be, there’s no denying that it can be a little frustrating when you look into the mirror and, instead of being greeted by smooth skin, you see large, dark pores staring back at you. With the size of your pores being primarily determined by your genes, shrinking them isn’t an option.

Fortunately, there are plenty of steps that you can take to minimize the appearance of your pores, so that they’re not so noticeable. Read on as Vivo Per Lei shares the eight most effective ways to do so!

1) Cleanse Twice a Day

Collagen Foaming Cleanser

Pores immediately look larger when they’re filled with dirt, sebum, dead skin cells, and other impurities. The deeper these impurities settle into your pores, the wider and darker your pores will seem.

To prevent this from happening, cleanse your skin twice a day. This way, you’ll be removing any impurities that have gathered together on the surface of your skin. This will prevent them from diving into your pores and stretching them out.

Foaming cleansers tend to be the most effective at clearing away surface impurities. However, many foaming cleansers contain sulfates, which dry out the skin and make pores appear even larger. So, go for a sulfate-free formula, like the Vivo Per Lei Collagen Foaming Cleanser. It provides a thorough cleanse yet it’s still gentle enough to be used morning and night. 

If your skin is excessively oily, then it may be worth double cleansing in the evenings. This involves using two cleansers instead of just one. Start with an oil-based cleanser and then, once this is rinsed off, apply a water-based formula. This will give you a much more thorough cleanse, ensuring that there aren’t any impurities left to linger on your skin. 

2) Exfoliate Regularly But Safely

Skincare Set

Cleansing is a great way to get rid of surface impurities but, in between cleanses, some of those impurities will still make their way into your pores. If you want even and smooth skin, then it’s crucial to give your face a deeper cleanse every once in a while, which is where exfoliation comes in.

Unlike a cleanser, which focuses on the surface of the skin, exfoliators will dive deeper. The right exfoliant will be able to draw impurities out from within your pores, instantly making them look smaller and less obvious.

With that said, using a gentle exfoliator is a must. Go with an overly potent or abrasive formula and you’ll only end up irritating your skin, resulting in pores that look even bigger. Ideally, pick an exfoliator that’s suitable for your skin type to avoid this.

Our top recommendation would be the Vivo Per Lei Facial Peeling, which you’ll find in our Skin Care Set. It provides a gentle physical exfoliation that will keep your pores feeling clear without irritating or drying out your skin. 

3) Tighten Up the Look of Sagging Skin

Radiance Gold Facial Serum

The aging process is something else that can make pores look bigger. As the skin ages, the collagen and elastin fibers that support the skin from within begin to degrade in quality. As they weaken, the skin’s structure starts to sag and wrinkle. This affects the pores, causing them to sag and droop too. As you can imagine, this can then make them look longer and deeper.

So, if you’d like to minimize the look of your pores and enjoy smooth skin again, it’s time to put a stop to the appearance of aging. Seek out products designed to firm and tighten the complexion because the firmer your skin is, the less noticeable your pores will be.

The Vivo Per Lei Radiance Gold Facial Serum can help with this in a big way. It’s brimming with antioxidants that will work to reverse the look of aging by brightening and tightening the complexion. It also contains several hydrating ingredients that will immediately plump up your appearance to leave your skin looking fuller and tighter.

4) Look For Water-Based Skincare Products

Aloe Soothing Facial Serum

Enlarged pores usually accompany oily skin. With the skin producing so much extra sebum, the pores end up stretched out. As we mentioned earlier, keeping your pores as clear as possible will go a long way in making them appear smaller.

That’s why it can be helpful to turn to water-based, instead of oil-based, skincare products. Sure, not all oils will clog up your pores. In fact, there are some that can be extremely beneficial by helping to rebalance how oily the skin feels. However, these are usually added to water-based products, rather than forming the base of a product themselves.

Oil-based products tend to be much thicker and heavier than water-based products, which is where the problems begin. Fortunately, if you shop at Vivo Per Lei, you’ll have plenty of water-based products to choose from. One of our most popular formulas is the Aloe Soothing Facial Serum. It’s brimming with multiple hydrating compounds, with its water base making it exceptionally lightweight and silky. It’s exactly what you need if soft and smooth skin is your aim!

5) Don’t Skip the Moisturizer

Marine Aqua Facial Cream

Many people with oily skin often assume that moisturizing is a waste of time, particularly if they’re also dealing with enlarged pores. After all, their skin is already producing so much oil, so why would they need to apply a moisturizer over the top of this and risk clogging up their pores even more?

The answer to that is surprisingly simple. The sebum that your skin produces is an oil, whereas a moisturizer provides moisture, meaning water. If your skin doesn’t receive enough water, it will end up dehydrated. Once this happens, sebum production actually increases, leaving the skin oilier than ever. This has a knock-on effect on the pores. Not only will they look larger since they’ll be producing more oil, but blockages will also become more common, making pores look darker.

To prevent all of this from happening, hydrating your skin is key, which is why a moisturizer is so important. Follow the tips that we shared earlier in terms of choosing a water-based moisturizer that doesn’t contain any comedogenic (meaning pore-clogging) ingredients and you won’t have to worry about any detrimental effects on your complexion. Our top pick would be the Vivo Per Lei Marine Aqua Facial Cream. It’s super hydrating but also lightweight, making it ideal for moisturizing the skin without enlarging the look of pores.

6) Add Retinoids to Your Skincare Routine

24K Gold Caviar Serum

There are a number of ingredients out there that can help your pores to look smaller, but vitamin A is known for being one of the best. This ingredient is available in a few different forms, with all of them being referred to as retinoids. Out of the many retinoids around, retinol has consistently proven to be particularly effective.

Research confirms that retinol is a true superstar at shrinking the appearance of pores. However, at the same time, it’s also infamous for how it can irritate the skin, especially if you’re not used to the ingredient. 

There are two ways to get around this. The first is to find a retinol-infused product that combines the ingredient with compounds that soothe and hydrate the skin, just like the 24K Gold Caviar Serum from Vivo Per Lei. 

Another option would be to look for a product containing retinyl palmitate instead of retinol, like the Vivo Per Lei Anti-Aging Face Cream. Retinyl palmitate is a gentler vitamin A derivative, making it less likely to trigger irritation or sensitivities. Once your skin has gotten used to the ingredient, you can then upgrade to a retinol product for bigger and better results.

7) Use a Clay Mask Once a Week

Eucalyptus Facial Mask

We’ve already talked about how exfoliation is one of the best ways to reduce the look of pores and achieve smooth skin. However, clay masks have a very similar effect, making them a worthy addition to your skincare routine too.

Clay is fantastic at absorbing excess sebum, along with other impurities. It will draw these out of your pores, leaving your pores looking lighter and smaller. Once you see the results, you may be tempted to use your clay mask more often but don’t forget that over-using clay can end up dehydrating your skin, which you definitely don’t want!

Once a week is all that’s needed for a clay mask to work wonders on the pores. Go for a hydrating formula, such as the Vivo Per Lei Fresh Eucalyptus Facial Mask, to counter the dehydrating effect that clay can sometimes have. This mask is loaded with humectants, including aloe vera leaf extract and sodium hyaluronate. It will leave your skin looking beautifully plump and clear!

8) Consider Professional Treatments

What should you do if you’ve already tried all of the above methods and are still dealing with pores that look supersized?

If topical products don’t seem to be helping much, it could be time to turn to professional treatments. There are several out there that can help to reduce the look of pores and establish smooth skin, from microneedling to laser treatments to chemical peels.

Each treatment will have its own pros and cons and they may not all be suitable for your skin type. The best way to assess which treatment will provide the most chance of success is to speak to a professional. Make an appointment with a dermatologist and they’ll be able to talk you through which treatments would be the most effective for your skin’s individual needs.

Achieve Smooth Skin With Vivo Per Lei

If you’ve noticed that your pores have been looking larger and darker lately, it’s time to do something about them. Ignore the issue and it will only worsen, especially as you age. Fortunately, there are so many steps that you can take to minimize the appearance of your pores. Follow all of the tips that we’ve shared above and it won’t be long before you’re sporting a clear and smooth complexion with pores that look pretty much invisible!

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