Skin SOS: How to Tackle Common Skincare Concerns With Ease

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While a few people may be blessed with completely flawless skin, they’re in the minority. The majority of us usually have at least a couple of skin concerns to deal with, with this becoming more prevalent with age.

While your first point of call when dealing with a new skin concern may be to turn to Google, there’s a large amount of misinformation out there that you’ll need to sift through in order to find a solution. So, to save you some time, Vivo Per Lei has put together a guide that you can turn to whenever you’re experiencing a skin SOS. Read on to learn how to quickly and effectively tackle some of the most common skin concerns around.


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Almost everyone will experience acne at some stage in life, but it tends to be a reoccurring problem among people with an oily skin type. After all, acne is caused when blockages in pores come into contact with bacteria, resulting in inflammation and pimples. When the skin is producing too much oil, then pores are far more likely to become clogged, meaning that your chances of experiencing breakouts are much higher. This can happen on both the face and the body.

So, what can you do about acne?

For starters, make sure that you’re cleansing your skin twice a day. This will help to prevent the extra oil that your skin is producing from settling into your pores. Use a cleanser that will thoroughly remove all of that excess sebum, like the Vivo Per Lei Collagen Foaming Cleanser. Foaming cleansers tend to be the best choice for people with acne-related skin concerns because of how effectively they break down sebum.

Regularly exfoliating is also vital. While a cleanser will clear away excess sebum from the surface of your skin, an exfoliant will dive deeper, pulling out impurities and blockages from your pores.

You should also add a good clay or mud mask to your skincare routine. These ingredients are fantastic for absorbing excess sebum and dirt, making them a great way to prevent the appearance of acne. The Vivo Per Lei Fresh Eucalyptus Facial Mask provides both in the forms of kaolin clay and Canadian glacier mud. It also contains salicylic acid to clear out the pores, along with eucalyptus oil to help reduce how oily the skin feels in the long run.

Dry Skin

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While acne is usually caused by the skin producing too much oil, dry skin has the opposite problem; it doesn’t produce enough oil. Just like acne, this is one of the most common skin concerns out there, with dry skin appearing rough, flaky, and scaly. It can also feel very itchy, tight, and uncomfortable.

What’s the solution?

Begin with a good moisturizer. You need a thick formula that will help make up for the sebum that your skin lacks. Just like sebum, a good moisturizer will form a film over the surface of the skin. This prevents moisture from evaporating away while also keeping the skin feeling soft and lubricated. It will also help to block external irritants from penetrating your skin quite so easily.

The Pumpkin and Collagen Day Cream from Vivo Per Lei would be a great choice. It contains a number of hydrating ingredients, including sodium hyaluronate, polyglutamic acid, and collagen. Meanwhile, pumpkin seed oil will moisturize and soothe your complexion while reducing the feeling of irritation. It’s also loaded with vitamin A and antioxidants to keep your skin looking bright and healthy.

In addition to a good moisturizer, you should also reassess the rest of your skincare products. Many ingredients out there are infamous for how they strip the skin of its natural oil. Needless to say, these are ingredients that you should be avoiding since you need to try to preserve as much of that natural oil as possible.

Cleansers are usually the biggest culprit when it comes to products with skin-drying ingredients. Instead of opting for a sulfate-laden formula, go with one that makes use of gentler surfactants. The Vivo Per Lei Hyaluronic Acid Daily Face wash contains cleansing agents derived from coconuts. These moisturize while they cleanse, making them ideal for tackling visible skin concerns related to dry skin.

Crow’s Feet

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Aging, along with all of the skin concerns that the aging process brings, is something that affects everyone. It occurs to the skin all over the face and the body, but the eye area often tends to display the visible signs of aging before they’re noticed anywhere else.

This happens for a few reasons. Firstly, the eye area is much thinner than the skin anywhere else. This makes it more prone to structural damage. The eyes are also usually always in motion, meaning that expression lines commonly form in this area. As the skin’s structure begins to degrade with age, these expression lines soon become permanent wrinkles, commonly referred to as crow’s feet.

It also doesn’t help that the skin around the eyes contains fewer sebaceous glands than the skin anywhere else. This means that it produces less sebum. As a result, it’s drier, meaning that even subtle creases will look more noticeable around the eyes than they would on the more moisturized areas of your face.

Fortunately, a good eye cream is sometimes all you need to turn things around. Take our Collagen Eye Firming Cream as an example. The way in which it firms and tightens the complexion helps to smooth away the look of crow’s feet.

Of course, in addition to tackling the appearance of existing creases around your eyes, it’s also important to prevent new ones from forming. While our eye cream will help with this, you should also be prioritizing sun protection around your eyes. UV rays significantly accelerate the skin aging process, which will make your eye-related skin concerns even worse. Keep your skin shielded with a broad-spectrum sunscreen and wear UV-blocking sunglasses whenever possible. 


Snow Mushroom Night Cream

We’ve talked about eye wrinkles, but what about the wrinkles that appear on the rest of the face? Chances are that once you start noticing creases around your eyes, other wrinkles aren’t too far away.

When it comes to ironing out the look of your wrinkles, there are a few ingredients that you need to be using. Retinol is one of them, an ingredient that you’re probably familiar with. It’s hailed a superstar at reducing the appearance of skin aging, capable of making the skin look smoother, firmer, thicker, and brighter.

Hyaluronic acid, or sodium hyaluronate, is also vital. Again, it’s another ingredient with a fantastic reputation and safety profile. It’s a humectant, meaning that it has moisture-binding properties. It’s able to hydrate the skin and immediately plump up the complexion. It leaves the skin feeling thicker and stronger, which, in time, will make wrinkles less visible. 

Polyglutamic acid is another ingredient that has the same effect. In fact, studies have found it to be even more hydrating and moisturizing than hyaluronic acid.

Amino acids are vital too. Your skin uses amino acids to build new protein fibers. Applying them topically can contribute to a firmer and more elastic complexion.

Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean that you need to now add a long list of new products to your skincare routine. Instead, find a single product that offers all of those must-haves, like the Vivo Per Lei Snow Mushroom Night Cream. Apply this rich moisturizer to your skin each evening and it won’t be long before your wrinkles start to fade in appearance.

Dull Skin

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While some skin concerns have an easily identifiable cause, dullness isn’t one of them. Instead, a lack of radiance can be attributed to a variety of different factors, from dehydration to aging to the buildup of dead skin cells. Either way, dull skin struggles to properly reflect light, which is why it looks so lackluster.

The first step to bringing brightness back to your complexion is to start regularly exfoliating your skin. If you already do this, then it may be time to switch up your exfoliant. Make sure that the formula you’re using is suitable for your skin type. Ideally, it should also contain ingredients that can help to brighten and lighten the look of the skin.

Look for complexion-brightening ingredients in a face mask too. Vivo Per Lei’s Activated Charcoal Facial Mask would be a great pick. Charcoal is famed for how it leaves the skin feeling detoxified and rejuvenated. Combined with the vitamins and antioxidant-rich botanicals in this formula, your skin will immediately look more luminescent as soon as you rinse the mask off.


Rosacea is one of the trickiest skin concerns to deal with. Even after years of being studied, nobody actually knows exactly what causes it. However, it still affects about 10% of those with fair skin, with this inflammatory condition causing the skin to look red and flushed.

Although the exact cause of rosacea hasn’t yet been pinpointed, it’s clear that there are certain factors that trigger flare-ups. These vary between individuals, but it’s worth trying to figure out what yours are. Whether it may be spicy foods, alcohol, certain skincare ingredients, hot drinks, or anything else, working out what exacerbates your rosacea will help you to avoid future flare-ups.

In terms of skincare, keep things gentle. You should still follow a skincare routine twice a day but make sure that the products you’re using don’t contain any irritants. Look for formulas designed for sensitive skin and always perform a patch test before applying anything new to your face. 

Make sure that you’re gentle with your skin in other ways too. Don’t scrub, tug, or pull at it for whatever reason. Once your skin is irritated, or even disturbed in any way, it won’t take long for your rosacea to flare back up.

Tackle Your Skin Concerns With Vivo Per Lei

No matter what your visible skin concerns may be, it’s important to take action as soon as possible. Doing so will not only enable you to get a head start on dealing with the issues at hand, but it will also help you to prevent those problems from worsening, which would only make them so much harder to treat in the future. 

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