Skincare Myths Debunked: Fact vs. Fiction

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Ever find yourself looking up the answer to a skincare question, only to find so much conflicting advice out there? Often, this is down to the many skincare myths that have been circulating in the industry for decades.

Today, Vivo Per Lei is going to help you to separate fact from fiction. Read on as we debunk some of the biggest skincare myths out there, so that you can make sure that you’re giving your skin nothing but the best.

Myth: Only Teenagers Suffer From Acne

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This myth is a common one, which is surprising. Why? Because up to 22% of adult women experience acne at some point in their lives, making it a pretty widespread grievance. 

The very same factors that can cause adolescent acne contribute to adult acne too. Hormonal fluctuations, stress, oily skin due to genetics…all of this can lead to breakouts occurring in both adults and teenagers.

So, what should you do if you find yourself dealing with adult acne?

Your first point of call should be to find a good cleanser. Whatever the root cause may be, acne arises when the skin produces too much sebum. This excess sebum ends up settling into the pores and mixing with bacteria, resulting in inflammation and pimples. Cleansing your skin twice a day will help to prevent too much sebum from building up on your skin’s surface, therefore preventing the appearance of clogged pores and breakouts too.

Foaming cleansers are always great for dealing with excess sebum. The Vivo Per Lei Collagen Foaming Cleanser is a great example. Its surfactants will lift away any grease on your face while the peptides and vitamin E in this formula will keep your skin barrier feeling intact.

Myth: You Should Immediately Stop Using Retinol if it Irritates Your Skin

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One of skincare’s holy grail ingredients, retinol is a vitamin A derivative. Its popularity can be attributed to the numerous studies that confirm its many complexion-boosting benefits. From thickening and firming the feel of the skin to reducing the appearance of wrinkles to fading the look of dark spots, this is an ingredient that can pretty much do it all, and it does it well.

It goes without saying that retinol is an ingredient that should be in almost everybody’s skincare routine. However, actually using the ingredient is a little more challenging…

Retinol is notorious for causing side effects. Dryness, itching, breakouts, redness, irritation, sensitivities…the symptoms are varied but common. This is why so much of the advice out there recommends giving the ingredient up if side effects are experienced. 

However, this is just yet another one of those skincare myths that you shouldn’t believe, at least not to begin with. Retinol is known for causing the skin to purge. It’s a phase that can last anywhere between two weeks and three months, making it important not to immediately give up if you’ve experienced these symptoms. Instead, cut back on how often you’re using the ingredient to give your skin time to adapt to it.

One way to get around having to deal with the side effects in the first place is to use a product that combines retinol with complexion-calming ingredients, just like the Vivo Per Lei 24K Gold Caviar Serum. In addition to retinol, these serum capsules also contain caviar extract, mushroom extract, and amino acids, all of which will leave the skin feeling balanced and healthy.

Myth: Men Don’t Need to Moisturize

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Some skincare myths can be damaging, and this one is proof of that. For whatever reason, many people believe that men don’t need to moisturize. However, this isn’t the case at all.

When it comes down to it, skin is skin, whether it belongs to a male or a female. While it’s true that there are some distinctions between male and female skin, one of which is that male skin is thicker and produces more sebum than female skin, this doesn’t do away with the need for a moisturizer. All of the cells in the human body need moisture to thrive, and a moisturizer helps to ensure that your skin cells have access to all of the moisture they need. 

If this is one of the skincare myths that you’ve been believing, it’s time to make a change. Treating yourself to the Vivo Per Lei Men’s After Shave Balm is the perfect way to do this. Not only does this two-in-one product act as an aftershave but it can also be used as a daily moisturizer. Its balm texture means that it feels light and soothing on the skin, making it ideal for both day and night use. Even better, with seaweed extract, ginkgo biloba extract, and aloe vera extract, this formula is brimming with antioxidants too!

Myth: If Skincare Isn’t Costly, Then it Isn’t Any Good

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There’s no denying that some of the expensive skincare products out there boast superior formulas. Whether it may be because of patented ingredients, exclusive techniques, or anything else, these products come with a high price tag because of how they offer something that other brands can’t compete with.

However, that’s not to say that budget-friendly skincare can’t be high-quality either. Sure, those luxury formulas have a unique edge, but so do many affordable skincare products. In fact, some of the budget-friendly products out there can actually be even better than those produced by certain luxury brands, whose successes hinge on clever marketing as opposed to quality skincare.

So, when it comes down to it, don’t let the price of a product sway your opinion of it. Take the Vivo Per Lei Age Control Eye Cream, for example. It’s available at an affordable price yet it’s packed with cutting-edge ingredients that make it a super effective formula. Niacinamide and licorice root extract fade the look of dark circles and shadows, sodium hyaluronate plumps up the complexion, and hydrolyzed collagen improves the skin’s moisture levels. At the same time, grapefruit extract, butcher’s broom extract, and black elderberry extract provide a plethora of vitamins and antioxidants. 

Myth: The Order in Which You Apply Your Skincare Products Doesn’t Make a Difference

When you’re new to skincare, it may seem as though the order in which skincare products are applied doesn’t make much of a difference. After all, those products are all going to end up on your face in the end anyway, right?

While that may be the case, the aim of your skincare routine should be to maximize product penetration. Ideally, you want each of your products to work to its full potential, meaning that your skin needs to soak up as much of each one as possible.

In order for this to happen, your skincare products need to be applied in a specific order. Fortunately, the general rule to follow is easy to remember; start with the lightest product and work your way up to the thickest.

The exception is cleansing, which should always be your very first step, no matter the cleanser that you’re using. After this, you can then go ahead and follow the above rule. This usually means that toners and essences are applied after cleansing, followed by serums and then moisturizers. 

Following this order helps to ensure that the thicker and heavier products in your routine don’t block the lighter products from penetrating your skin. The result will be a skincare routine that’s all the more effective!

Myth: You Only Need to Use Sunscreen When in the Summer

While some skincare myths seem almost unbelievable, this is one that’s easy to understand. After all, why would you need to wear sunscreen when it’s not sunny outside, especially in the dead of winter?

Unfortunately, the sun’s UV rays are present throughout the year. Worse still, while clouds may block them to a certain extent, those stubborn rays are still able to penetrate through and reach your skin. In fact, research shows that certain types of clouds can actually enhance UV radiation, leaving your skin even more vulnerable to damage.

With the sun’s UV rays responsible for the majority of the visible signs of facial aging, it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to protecting your skin. This means keeping your skin covered with sunscreen year-round.

However, this involves more than simply adding a sunscreen into your morning skincare routine. The average sunscreen will only protect your skin for a couple of hours, making it important to reapply your sunscreen every three hours or so. 

Myth: You Don’t Need to Moisturize if You Have Oily Skin

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We’ve already talked about the skincare myths that have been leading men astray when it comes to moisturizing their skin, but the same skincare myths surround oily skin too. Many believe that since their skin is producing plenty of extra sebum, they don’t need to apply an additional moisturizer.

Unfortunately, this isn’t true. While your skin may be producing extra oil, moisturizers are all about increasing your skin’s moisture content, with moisture meaning water. As you know, oil and water perform very different roles. This means that the excess sebum being produced by your skin cannot be considered an alternative for the moisture that your skin cells require. 

In fact, failing to moisturize oily skin can actually make the greasiness even worse. If the skin feels dehydrated, it will try to make up for this by producing even more sebum. This doesn’t help since the skin needs moisture rather than oil, leaving the complexion even oilier for nothing.

Worried that a moisturizer will only leave your skin feeling even greasier?

It’s true – some will do exactly that. However, pick a lightweight formula, such as the Vivo Per Lei Marine Sensitive Facial Hydro-Gel, and the product will feel weightless on your skin once applied. Thanks to its super light, gel consistency, this moisturizer is ideal for oily complexions. It’s packed with vitamins and botanical extracts, making it a great formula for keeping the appearance of aging and damage at bay too. 

Skincare Myths Debunked

We all want to give our skin the very best, and this means following the right skincare advice. Many of the skincare myths out there are so easy to believe, but they could end up doing so much damage to your skin. When it comes down to it, always do your research when learning how to care for your skin, ensuring that your information has come from multiple trustworthy sources.

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